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Holly Blair Reflects on Opposite Truths in ‘Slow’

There’s a whole lot of fragility and humanity in Holly Blair’s latest single, ‘Slow’. Exploring the line between losing control and saying yes, the talented LA-based songstress, musician and filmmaker builds once again an intense yet nuanced indie-pop offering, a hypnotising and meaningful gem that will no doubt relate to a wide audience out there. 

Sonically, ‘Slow’ flourishes on distorted, gritty tones, a stark contrast with Blair’s luscious and spacious harmonies, perhaps mirroring the lyrical theme – the constant fighting between the willingness to engage and the need to retain control. It’s a dualism that seems to inform the song on a higher level, making it a three-dimensional and vibrant piece. 

Speaking about the release, Holly Blair reiterates: “I wanted to create a track that captured the feeling of opposite truths existing at the same time. Everything in its own way is dialectic, especially when it comes to healing.” If you are in London, don’t miss the opportunity to catch the talented creative live on May 9th at Bar Doña, ahead of the project’s EP release ‘Then Comes The Lightning’ on May 10th.

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