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Stewart Taylor Shares Bright Pop Gem ‘Nightmares’

Stewart Taylor is a man of many talents; a gifted musician, dancer and actor, the LA-based creative has recently been spotted dancing for the likes of Justin Timberlake, a fact that should give you a clear indication of Taylor’s artistic stature. For what concerns us, we are especially drawn to his music qualities, which – spoiler alert – are absolutely jaw-dropping. 

Driving a hard bargain on catchy, fresh and commercial pop, Stewart has recently unveiled ‘Nightmares’, a brilliant and uplifting offering that doesn’t shy away from emotional and nuanced storytelling, a feature that’s often found in the project’s catalogue. Built over a playful and vibrant electronic production, the single explodes into a majestic and relatable chorus, making sure to wrap the listeners in pop glory.

To top things off, Stewart teams up with director Director Benjamin Farren to craft a stunning music video, incredibly vibrant and expressive, also showcasing Taylor’s actorial prowess and visual elegance. Speaking about the singles, he explains: “It’s about battling insomnia, being afraid of the spectres, anxieties, and insecurities that haunt me in my sleep. Only the touch of a lover can put me at ease”.

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