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Kurt Alexander Shares Poignant Jewel ‘All My Friends’

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to Kurt Alexander’s eclectic artistry. You see, he’s sort of flowing into the music space, exploring genres and vivid storytelling with little to no regard for sticking to a specific identity. Simply, he exists in the space-time continuum, shifting the project’s shape following life changes and sudden melancholia. Take for instance ‘All My Friends’, Alexander’s latest effort. 

In it, the listeners will be confronted with a stream of soft, blissful acoustic goodness, drenched in a thousand textures and spacious, dreamy vocals. Veering towards lo-fi territories and folk poignancy, the single is the latest iteration in Kurt’s vibrant musical journey. If we were to compare it with his previous effort – last year’s EP ‘The Future Had Arrived And I Was Not Ready’ – we would perhaps surprise ourselves with how much the general sonic quality has changed. 

Anyway, let’s focus on the present: ‘All My Friends’ comfortably opens a new chapter for the British musicians, perhaps drawing a line on his move to Berlin a few years ago. Now back in Albion land, Kurt Alexander explores past experiences and existential angst pivoting them towards lyrical catharsis. 

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