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Gianfranco GFN Shares Uplifting Gem ‘Sing the Song’

We are quite familiar with Gianfranco GFN; the Swiss musician has appeared in our publication a few times, always championing a fierce outlook on uplifting soul and fusion material with a distinctive retro flair. A gifted guitarist, singer and songwriter, Gianfranco tend not to overthink his songs, rather focusing on the positive impact his music will have on the listeners. 

He certainly reached his goal. ‘Sing the Song’ – the project’s latest effort – offers a stunning listening experience, nuanced and playful, drenched in eclecticism and musical prowess. On a bed of acid jazz, soul and funk, GFN develops a charming song drenched in a thousand vocal harmonies and a mesmerising horns section, packing the record with tons of energy. 

Hailing from Bienne, Gianfranco is on a musical roll – do follow his journey! Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Sing the Song’, he explains: “Sometimes stop for a moment, have a Flash… imagine unplugging from everyday life, and start singing… and dreaming… let go and let go like the free air. Listen to this song, breathe, go into your dreams and imagination just for a moment of happiness”.

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