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Jeffrey Chan Returns with Mellow Pop Gem ‘Distance’

A familiar face in our magazine, Jeffrey Chan likes to bathe in blissful dream pop and vintage, 80s-inspired instrumentation, delivering material that feels futuristic yet firmly drenched in tradition. ‘Distance’ – the project’s latest effort – follows the same exact script, although with decisively more poignant and emotional lyrical energy. Evoking images of self-growth and resilience, the single aims to empower listeners to see their dreams through – something that Chan is very actively doing. 

Sonically, ‘Distance’ flourishes over wide and mellow synthesisers, carefully layered over retro drum machines and a tapestry of atmospheric textures. It all works well with Jeffrey’s vocals, exquisitely malleable and luscious. The result is an irresistible and wholesome musical goo that wraps the listeners into controlled euphoria. 

Now based in Los Angeles, the Australian talent seems determined to build his artistic identity through a series of carefully crafted pop singles – guess what, he’s successful at it. His songwriting prowess is also notable. Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Distance’, Chan explains: “A song that has multiple layers of meaning. During the writing process I reflected on the past few months and how I’ve literally “gone the distance” to continue to chase my childhood dreams. It’s sort of like I wrote this song for my younger self and it felt quite cathartic”.

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