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Spyderhuff Returns with Classic Rock’n’Roll Gem ‘Gonna Build Me a Hot Rod’

Fierce, energetic and inherently old school: ‘Gonna Build Me a Hot Rod’ is an absolute treasure, taking us back to the glorious rock’n’roll era. Built over fierce guitar riffing and anthemic half-tempo drum grooves, the record is a slice of wholesomeness and catchy energy, penned by the experienced songwriting head of Spyderhuff

Hailing from Detroit, the talented singer and guitarist has been quite active in the past few years, showcasing his commitment to friendly music that’s easily digestible, yet nuanced enough to provide a vibrant listening experience. ‘Gonna Build Me a Hot Rod’ follows the same script, this time with an even more edgy and sassy character. Spyderhuff’s gritty and charming vocals close the deal. 

The American rocker explains the inspiration behind the record: “It’s expressive of the many home-grown builders and makers that live outside of the box. This song is dedicated to the spirit of hot rodding in all its forms. The vibe is anthemic and upbeat with a classic rock/blues-rock feel.” Look out for an upcoming EP, expected in 2024. 

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