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Scan It Delivers Unique and Ethereal Piece ‘Your Grooving Way’

Hailing from Chicago, Scan It provides us with a bunch of past reviews, all adamant about how original the project is. After having listened to ‘Your Grooving Way’, Scan It’s latest effort, we can only agree to that! You see, the American explorer champions a style that’s highly ethereal, intensive and rather abstract, distilling the best influences from seminal genres such as shoegaze and dream pop. Eventually, the listeners can only rest in silence, fully immersed in the project’s eclectic streams of textures and bright drones. Unique and unforgettable, really. 

‘Your Grooving Way’ takes us on a journey to enlightenment through a four-minute build-up, culminating into an outro that’s quirky and kaleidoscopic, a sort of blend between vaporwave, Asian timbres and Scandi electro-pop. Scan It’s evocative vocals are ever present, with their deep yet spacious tone, adding a cathartic and spiritual level to an already compelling piece. 

Now, is he inventing a new genre? Perhaps, but we’d define him more as a positive outcast, in the sense that he’s not looking for commercial approval; rather, he’s pursuing his own path, innovating as he goes along. The result is music that’s highly peculiar and special. An enriching discovery. In other words, true art. 

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