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Spyderhuff Return with Visionary Effort ‘Just Sit There’

Introduced by a slow-burn, galloping drum groove and noisy textures, ‘Just Sit There’ gradually evolves into an underrated, groovy blues gem, always keeping distortions in check and empowering sampled spoken vocals. A peculiar musical recipe that’s pretty striking next to steel guitars and poignant piano parts… Spyderhuff are like that – they like to explore. 

Engaging in their visionary artistic flair, the American band sets out on an instrumental journey that truly hits the mark, hypnotising the listeners with a faux soundtrack which is slightly nostalgic, certainly elegant and pretty reflective. Treated with light psychedelic tones and a touch of Americana charisma, ‘Just Sit There’ might be one of our favourite efforts by Tom Khur and the band so far. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Spyderhuff explain: “It expresses the universal experience that is created by the “back seat driver” in all their shapes and forms…no matter where they may sit in the vehicle. Whether you’re eating it or dishing it out, driver criticism will continue to be part of the human condition with no available exit ramp”.

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