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Alexa Lash Guides the Listeners Through Concept EP ‘Heartbreak in Movements’

If you happen to resonate with acoustic music and honest, heartfelt lyricism, Alexa Lash will literally steal your heart. Hailing from Miami, the talented and inspired creative has been spending the last few years working on a relatable EP, ‘Heartbreak in Movements’. The concept behind it is simple yet intense: describing the five stages of heartbreak: disappointment, questioning, bargaining, release, and reminiscence. A song each, effectively making the record an actual ‘concept album’, a feature that we hadn’t seen in a long time. 

It’s already clear Lash possesses a high degree of musicianship and artistic sensibility: not everyone would have put together such a well-thought-out collection of pieces. Also, she’s not necessarily caring about what’s fashionable at the moment. ‘Heartbreak in Movements’ needs time to be experienced and understood, a quality that’s a risk these days. But for Alexa, what’s crucial is pursuing her unfiltered, raw artistry and sharing her refined storytelling with her audience. 

We are grateful for that. The EP is not only quite transformative as a listening experience, potentially helping grieving listeners with solace and comfort, but it’s also musically soothing, offering a simple yet intense arrangement focused on acoustic instruments. From piano to epic orchestral elements such as strings, everything works together seamlessly, creating a record that’s easy on the ear and meaningful on the heart. 

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