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Snakedoctors Return With New Wave Gem ‘B Song (WW Remix)’

You might remember Polish post-punk outfit Snakedoctors from past features on our website. We lastly heard of them thanks to ‘Wuss’, a charming, fuzzy collaboration with fellow singer Ada Nike. Digging deeper into their catalogue, you will instantly realize how the Polish quartet has been hard at work this year. Boasting stellar productivity, they have managed to release one long album (25 tracks!) and a few singles, highlighting how the group is experiencing a phase of strong artistic inspiration. 

Now in the process of highlighting particular tracks from the album, Snakedoctors shine a light on ‘B Song (WW Remix), a lightly different musical output than what we are used to from the Gdansk residents. Remixed by singer and guitarist Wojciech, the song relies more heavily on electronics, featuring a flagship, mesmerising synth lead sound that characterizes the whole track. We think it might come from the luscious and glorious Moog Prodigy that we can observe in their band photos, but don’t take our word for it. 

In regards to the final result, ‘B Song (WW Remix)’ stands at the crossroad between new-wave and post-punk, with a touch of darkness in it. Quite retro as well, and we appreciate it. Featuring male and female vocals, the song is a real treat: the simple yet punchy arrangement provides the perfect sonic background for the band’s flourishing songwriting. 

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