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Clark Graham Gears Up For New Album With Fiery Folk Gem

If Folk anthems is what you are into, you’ll love Clark Graham’s new record. Titled ‘The Girl With Mountains In Her Eyes’, the track is an absolute winner. Featuring a strong four-on-the-floor, stomping rhythm, the song navigates its way around a simple instrumental, focused on acoustic guitars, claps and light percussions. On top of it, we find the main course of this release: Graham’s vocals, reigning supreme thanks to a glorious, deep tone and strong charisma, fully committing to the Canadian’s authentic, heartfelt lyricism. 

The single acted as the forerunner for Clark’s full-length album ‘Southlands’, published last week. If you give it a listen, you’ll discover a whole universe of Folk goodness. That’s not surprising, given the long career Graham has been enjoying. Originally from BC, Canada, the talented songwriter relocated to L.A., performing regularly in the Southern US area. Having absorbed the sleazy, legendary Americana culture, he’s now back in Vancouver. 

Digging deep into ‘The Girl With Mountains In Her Eyes’, the listener will uncover empowering, poignant lyricism, navigating regrets and resolutions. Describing the theme behind the track, Graham explains: “It talks about the sacrifice it takes in life to follow your dreams, and the personal cost that comes with pursuing your calling. Sometimes we can’t truly appreciate something or someone until it’s too late and they’re gone. The character in the song is left to wonder what might have been if he’d chosen to stay and be with the girl with mountains in her eyes.”

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