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L.A. Duo Possessor Coin ‘New Goth’ Genre For Their Debut ‘Fatal Fixations’

Often, moments of crisis prompt people to seek a coping outlet, a form of expression that would perhaps mend their confusion and strengthen their identities. For musicians and music artists, this outlet is usually a new project, the final step of a transformative, soul-searching journey. For Los Angeles dark-wave outfit Possessor, the pandemic was the event that started it all. In need of a new beginning, talented songstress Blaze Powers and electronic artist Jonathan Bonilla connected thanks to shared musical taste, embarking on an exciting, empowering journey that would culminate with the release of a debut EP, ‘Fatal Fixations’. 

There’s nothing ordinary about Possessor. Boasting a fuzzy, mysterious aesthetic, their musical direction seeks to open new sonic avenues, championing their own genre, defined as ‘New Goth’. They might be on to something: if you are into retrowave, synthwave, alt pop and dream pop, you’ll absolutely love their record. We do. 

Choosing ‘Ice Paradise’ as their lead single, Possessor showcases their strengths: on one hand, there’s John’s retro-inspired production, floating between haunting, dark and sleazy tones. We particularly love the drum choice, borrowed heavily from Italo disco and Cosmic disco. On the other hand, how not be mesmerized by Blaze Powers’ ethereal vocals? Perfectly framed in a bed of musical goodness, their feeble essence helps to advance Possessor’s unique identity. A sea of reverb helps them, as do the many harmonies. 

Overall, an amazing record from a promising duo. We can’t wait to watch them grow! 

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