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Skyway Share Second Pop-Punk EP ‘Never Disappear’

Fierce, chaotic and fuzzy, ‘Never Disappear’ is a slice of pop-punk authenticity packed into a 5-track EP. Punchy and energetic, the record throws it back to the glorious days of college punk – remember Sum 41? Skyway is the talented group behind such a nostalgic offering. Refusing to play ball with modern trends and fads, they focus on a rather organic, pure guitar-powered sound with a healthy amount of drums fury and fuzzy guitar solos. 

Opener ‘Breakwall’ is the most catchy track on the EP, really embodying a playful character that sounds straight out of the early ‘2000s. ‘Swear Jar’ features a phenomenal drum part, moving towards alt-metal and hardcore territories. Overall, one of the curious aspects of ‘Never Disappear’ is the constant balance between a hard-hitting instrumental and friendly, relatable vocals, orienting the record towards a wider audience. 

Marking Skyway’s second EP to date, ‘Never Disappear’ will connect with all the pop-punk nostalgics out there; frankly, it’s good to see that there’s still someone rocking out like in the good old days. 

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