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Camila Knight Crowns Her Artistic Journey with EP ‘spacetime’

Collecting a few of the beautiful singles released in the past year, Camila Knight now returns with an EP that’s a statement of intent: ‘spacetime’ sees her delving into cathartic and emotional territories, blending soothing pop tones with meaningful folk lyricism and elegant vocals. A hypnotizing formula that particularly comes together in ‘lavender fields’, a track that can be considered the lead single of the whole EP. 

In it, Knight takes care of the production herself, sparking a new period of creative blessings and personal empowerment. Slowly building into a slow-tempo anthem, ‘lavender fields’ sees the London-based songstress layering cathartic guitar sound over a cinematic and orchestral background, then blooming into an all-out, poignant gem. 

Speaking about the making of ‘lavender fields’ back in 2022, Knight explains: “Writing this song felt like a ray of light in those dark times. It made me feel relieved, energised and hopeful once again”. Meaningful circumstances for a meaningful record – exploring themes of acceptance, heartbreak and self-development, ‘spacetime’ matches that ethos, providing a rewarding listening experience for any keen daydreamer.  

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