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Shellshock Lullaby Explores Punchy Nostalgia in ‘Garffeeld!’

Certainly a quirky and alternative anthem, ‘Garffeeld!’ bathes in the holy waters of emo and pop-punk, often with a decisive metalcore outlook. Featuring some impressively technical guitar riffs, the track is bound to capture a wide variety of listeners: from the nerdy instrumentalists to the emotional teenager. Introduced by a synth arpeggio, the track soon blooms into a hard-hitting, loud slice of musical euphoria. 

With numerous layers of guitars, some pretty melodious and others rather icy and fast-moving, ‘Garffeeld!’ also finds its lyrically poignant moments, especially during the verses and choruses. Vocals are quite relatable and mellow, never jumping into distortion or scream-like stylings. Talented duo Shellshock Lullaby is behind such a gem: hailing from Butte, US, the pair boasts multi-instrumental and production capabilities, allowing them to sculpt their sound the way they like it. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Garffeeld!’, Shellshock Lullaby reveals: “It delves into the nostalgic yearning for someone you used to be close to, who happens to have a deep affinity for Garfield memes”. 

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