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Carrie Stardust Shares Stunning Single ‘This Peak’

Elegant and hypnotising, ‘This Peak’ sees Carrie Stardust doing what she does well: writing spacious, ethereal material with a vibrant and eclectic outlook. Built on an electronic production with orchestral elements around it, the single develops rather slowly, perfectly empowering Carrie’s evocative and blissful vocals, here drenched in reverb and an angelic aura. 

An avid fan of David Bowie (the clue is in her artistic moniker), the Atlanta-based songstress is not only a gifted musician and songwriter but also a woman of the law – covering a few different roles in her local attorney’s office. Having pursued music since her early days, Carrie is certainly a smart and gifted individuals, and ‘This Peak’ confirms her acute inspiration and writing prowess. 

Speaking about the concept behind the single, she explains: “It is about perseverance – doing things that are scary but that you know are worth it.” The melancholic, gloomy sentiment in the record mirrors such a theme very well, eventually shifting to a glorious, anthemic mood.

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