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Anterra Gears Up for Upcoming Album with ‘Art of Orbit’

American songstress Anterra knows very well what her mission is; describing her material as ‘ethereal’ – an adjective we would have used in this article ourselves – she’s constantly exploring the most intimate and soothing folk territories, blending meaningful, cathartic songwriting with organic instrumental matter. ‘Art of Orbit’ is the perfect evidence of that. 

Built on a slightly gloomy outlook, the song develops slowly yet quite intensively, empowering a charming finger-picked guitar, soft percussions and a whole plethora of textures, soundscapes and veiled electronic elements. Such a passionate and authentic sonic recipe perfectly fits Anterra’s evocative and luscious vocals, delivering vibrant and poignant lyricism with calm and charisma. 

Produced together with collaborators Peter Stone and Cale Hawkins, ‘Art of Orbit’ sees the talented Denver-based creative showcasing her unmatched musical prowess, perhaps a result of her lifelong training as a singer and violinist. Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, Anterra explains: “A journey of looking at one’s own avoidance and commitment issues and taking responsibility for them, coming to terms with them”.

Recommended! Discover ‘Art of Orbit’ on Spotify and look out for Anterra’s upcoming album ‘These Things Take Time’:


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