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Shawn Brown Shares Poignant Jewel ‘The Sad Ones’

Introduced by a gentle piano, ‘The Sad Ones’ flourishes on the back of Shawn Brown’s evocative, cathartic vocals, incredibly nuanced and soft, yet intense and meaningful. Slowly, the record builds a series of textures and orchestral elements, only to diligently grow into a full-band slice of anthemic pop. In fact, there’s a great deal of eclecticism in it, with the song channelling folk and soul influences to deliver a transversal, friendly piece, something that will appeal to a wide audience out there. 

It reminds us of some of the best singer-songwriters of the late ‘2000s, the likes of Jamie Cullum and James Blunt, among others. Brown’s vocals possess the same poignant ability, making for a relatable and emotional listening experience – one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. ‘The Sad Ones’ – as the title suggests – is exceptionally heavy on feeling, calling for self-awareness, acceptance and mental health empowerment. 

Hailing from Portland, Shawn Brown seems headed for international fame. ‘The Sad Ones’ is out now via Bootney Lee Records. 

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