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Linda Sussman Returns with Album ‘Win or Lose’

The keen reader might recall reading about Linda Sussman in our publication. In fact, we have been following the American songstress for the past year or so, while she navigates elegant folk and pop realms with charisma and confidence. ‘Let Common Sense Prevail’ was a meaningful offering, showcasing Sussman’s deep lyricism and liberal philosophy. 

Now, Linda returns with a larger record, ‘Win or Lose’, an extensive album which greatly draws on bluesy, folky guitar-powered territories, making for an eclectic acoustic journey, one that’s also enriched by light textures and myriads of vocal harmonies. Speaking about vocals, Sussman’s majestic tone demands attention, wrapping the listeners in witty and luscious storytelling. 

Speaking about the album, she explains: “The overarching theme to all of the eight tracks is one of courage, hope and empowerment”. A fitting choice for our troubled times. A mention of honours must be reserved for Sussman’s guitar prowess; the Long Island musician is a formidable player, a quality that’s been confirmed over the years through her live performances. 

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