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Proklaim Shares New Amapiano Single ‘POPPIN’

Sleazy, luxurious, groovy and hard-hitting: ‘POPPIN’ is an actual banger, a slice of musical fierceness punching the listeners right in their face with a healthy dose of Amapiano extravaganza. In truth, ‘POPPIN’ embarks on a pretty eclectic path, a new feature for Proklaim, talented rapper with a long history of releases and mixtapes. 

Channelling everything from dancehall to afrobeat, from hip-hop to EDM, the single manages to sound fresh and innovative, the perfect match for the Namibian rapper’s sharp and witty lyricism. His solid, raw vocal tone is highly hypnotising, allowing for a cathartic listening experience – something you don’t experience every day! 

Being such an explosive genre, Amapiano is well received worldwide and we are confident it will help Proklaim to advance to the next level. Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Proklaim explains: “A high energy banger designed to get people excited about life while simultaneously enjoying the messages therein”.

Discover ‘POPPIN’ on Spotify: 


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