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SHA-N: “Music is the channel where I can express my feelings, my thoughts, my experiences”

Emerging from Germany, SHA-N is a creative musical spirit with a unique sound that blends world music, electro, pop, and other influences. Championing an edgy sonic outlook, her songs are characterized by her emotive lyrics, tribal musicality, and ritual instruments, aiming at connecting the past with the future by bringing warmth and thoughtfulness to her listeners.

Gearing up for an upcoming EP release, SHA-N unveils the second single off the record, ‘Amahoro’. In it, the listener can expect to find all the basic element that makes the German songstress the extraordinary artist she is. Building on a cinematic, gloomy and experimental instrumental, she commands attention with evocative, anthemic and quirky vocals, transporting us into unexpected, hypnotising territories.

Intrigued by the project, we caught up with SHA-N to find out more about the project and future goals… Interview below!

Hey SHA-N, how is it going? some of our readers might not be familiar with your project, how would you describe yourself, in a few words?

As a private person a very caring and sensitive person and I love to talk about deep things, I hate small talk, to be honest. In my project, I would like to transform into a warrior tribe creature who brings the past and the future together 😀

Your current work is the result of a long journey; What first drew you to making music?

Yes, it was definitely a long journey. I consciously started making music at the age of 12. When I became a teenager I stopped and blocked the whole process. In 2021 I started to follow my passion for music again. I was heartbroken over the years and I guess that was the calling to comeback to music. What first drew me to making music at that time? Music is the way and the channel to express my feelings, my thoughts, my experiences. You just dive into a different dimension. The here and now is no longer the here and now, this feeling is what nourishes me.

If you had the opportunity to pick any artists in the world for a collaboration, who would be your first choice? (and second choice, perhaps?)

I would love to collaborate with Ludovico Einaudi. wooow just the idea of playing with him and his orchestra e. I´m a big fan of his music. My second choice would be Jakob banks -uuuuf his voice, his sound.

You recently released a wonderful, cinematic and evocative single, ‘Amahoro’. Your style is quite tribal and free-form, does that connects deeply to your artistry?

Yeeeah “Amahoro” is the second single from my upcoming EP “5TH DIMENSION”. I released the first single I.F.I.L in September and it’s meant to be a journey to unconditional love. For me, unconditional love goes back to deep roots and deep roots bring me naturally to drumming and certain rhythms that ground us. In the other songs, I use a lot of percussions, they are like a ritual or a ceremony. In my world, these ceremonies can free us from certain things or breathe life into us. As an artist, I try to use them and get into a state where I’m connected to energies that are not visible to us humans.” That’s what I want to share with the world. Oh, and I am definitely strongly connected to Mother Earth.

Do you feel more confident writing music alone, or within a team?

Definitely alone, I can’t write lyrics when others are in the room. I don’t know if that’s good or bad 😀

We appreciate your style, so original and authentic. How important is it for you to explore and forge your own path in music?

Yes, it’s definitely important for me. I want to transform my inner self into music and art, and if that is affected by too many foreign elements, my emotional expression changes as well. But I am definitely aware that “my own path” is influenced by others and I am very grateful for that.

Artistically speaking, what challenges have the last two years presented you with?

My challenges were mainly to find myself, my sound, my voice. I started different projects, different styles of music. It was a “just jump in” experience. To get to know this music world, as I said before I blocked it for years, nobody knew that I sing. I just wanted to create my own sound without listening to anyone else’s opinion. I know that’s not always good haha I naturally value every opinion (negative or positive) but I just wanted to make mine vibe. Let’s see how the songs are received and how the journey continues.

What are the next steps for your project? Anything exciting on the horizon?

“Amahoro” is the second single off my EP “5TH DIMENSION” I want to tell a story with every song. So “I.F.I.L” was the 1st DIMENSION, “Amahoro” the second and so on…. I want to invite people to dive with me into a new world. I will release in February my 3rd single “Baiar Lekker” and I’m currently working on getting back on stage as soon as possible.



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