Rock Hero Indya Returns with Fierce Anthem ‘Raise Ya Vibration’

We are thrilled to share the return of electrifying rock star Laudez Rose, better known as Indya. Marking a new chapter in an already rich and bright career, the British talent unveils her latest single ‘Raiser Ya Vibration’, a punchy and fierce rock anthem with a bubbly and positive outlook. What’s surprising, is Indya’s sharp and charming vocal qualities, capable of kidnapping the listener into an orgasmic journey through the best rock’n’roll we have heard in ages. 

Debuting in 2015, Indya has gone on to play for a number of major artists, including Space, EMP, Republica, Toploader, UB40, Dub Pistols, Gun, Soap Girls, Shvpes, Sonic Boom Six, Nik Kershaw and more. She has also performed at a range of festivals such as Camden Rocks, Weyfest, Standon Calling, Wildfire, Hook & Gun Fest, Harley Davidson Bike Festival, Rah Fest, Musicians Against Homelessness, Local & Live Tunbridge Wells, Girls That Rock Fest, and Hellfest.

To hear such an energetic tune in December might feel out of place at first, but after a few moments, we realize we needed it. Describing the concept behind the track, Indya explains: “The song is about manifesting positive energy, Raising your vibration. It’s about the power of the universe and positive affirmations. It’s a message for anyone feeling a bit down, manifest your greatness, you can turn your back on all the haters!”

Recommended! Look out for Indya’s upcoming album, scheduled for February. In the meantime, stream ‘Raise Ya Vibration’ on Spotify:


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