SÉNA Reflects on Painful Breakup in ‘After Party’

It wasn’t long ago that we were featuring SÉNA’s debut single, ‘Love It or Leave It’, a stunning offering we described as “celebrating her fierceness and independence”. Now, the German talent returns with a brand new single, ‘After Party’, doubling down on her luscious and evocative neo-soul formula. Built over a polite and sleazy beat, the track flourishes even further thanks to long textures, cinematic harmonies and a general sense of spaciousness, letting the piece breathe and slowly grow in intensity. 

SÉNA’s beautiful and expressive vocals crown the record with charisma and savoir-faire, a sign that she’s fully blooming into an enlightened and authoritative artist. Produced by Solow The Astronaut, ‘After Party’ is the perfect blend of nostalgia and hopefulness, focusing on a painful yet necessary (due to its positive and enlightening outcome) period after a breakup. 

As the German songstress explains: “I got lost in parties and random hookups for a while until I went to an after party where lots of drugs were being taken. It scared me so much because people asked me for pills but not my name. I realised that this place perfectly described how I felt. Alone and lost. I ran home crying in heels and a short dress when I left. I picked up my guitar. I knew this was gonna be a song.”

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