HOPE Share Hypnotising Piece ‘Navel’

The last time we wrote about HOPE, the group was readying themselves for a support tour with Depeche Mode. Soldiers of gloom and doom, but also of hypnotising textures, the German group champions a highly unique and peculiar sonic outlook, drawing inspiration from anything that feels mysterious and dark. Collecting new wave, darkwave and retro stylings into an alluring package, HOPE now share their latest effort, ‘Navel’, a sparse and spacious tune flourishing over a tapestry of glitchy soundscapes and noisy beats. 

Christine Börsch-Supan’s lead vocals feel icy yet elegant, dominating the sonic panorama with charisma and solemnity. The track’s intensity rises sharply towards the end, taking the record to a close with emotional glory. In a way, it really relates to its lyricism, as explained by Christine: It’s about disentangling attachments and finally moving on. The space that is then, all of a sudden, free.”

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