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Fran Lusty Dedicates a Song to Her Brother, Ahead of Debut EP Release

There’s a strong sense of poignancy in ‘Brother’, a high degree of fragility and honesty that wraps the listener in wholesome nostalgia. The kind of track you can relate to easily, even offering waves of emotional comfort and support, perhaps a slice of escapism. Penned by London-based trobairitz Fran Lusty, the song is dedicated to her brother, in what feels like one of the project’s most authentic and meaningful offerings to date. 

As she explains: “Brother is a song for my brother and about my brother. I wrote it as an apology for being a mean older sister when we were younger. My mum always used to say ‘be nice, one day he’ll be bigger than you’.” The record anticipates Fran Lusty’s debut EP, expected on September 22nd. 

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