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Gary Dranow Celebrates a Glorious Year

A familiar face on our blog, Gary Dranow is the type of wise and experienced artist able to keep the momentum going: having shared a series of singles in the past year and a half, it’s clear that he’s on a productivity roll, and the industry – and the public – seems to be slowly taking notice. Writing about the Park City rocker a few weeks ago, we proudly declared: “having such a majestic and powerful vocal tone must make it easy to pen wholesome and meaningful material.” 

We stand by our words – ‘Destiny Road’ showcases exactly that, reiterating Dranow’s stunning vocals and his ability to explode into a thousand melodies. Furthermore, the song contains a virtuoso guitar solo, which combined with the nuanced drum grooves and the tapestries of acoustic guitars, makes for a very vibrant listening experience. Props to Gary’s trio, The Manic Emotions. 

Gearing up for new material in 2024, Dranow seems committed to growing a project that’s already blooming in the right direction. Not to mention, they are currently at number one on the Ukrainian Charts – well deservedly. 

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