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Satellite Train Share Charming Single ‘Shameless’

‘Shameless’ does sound slightly vintage, channelling AOR and pop-rock. Not to worry though: that’s the exact reason why we appreciate the track, the latest effort by Australian group Satellite Train. Started as a fun project between friends, the band has risen to be one of the most promising newcomers, showcasing not only a high degree of musicianship but also an unmatched songwriting ability, constantly delivering songs that feel poignant and evocative, yet catchy and with a very real ‘arena-like’ character. Perhaps a nod to their glorious future. 

Taken from a collection of tracks (an album?) called ‘Spacewalk’, ‘Shameless’ places itself at the intersection of country, pop and rock, ultimately flourishing thanks to the grandeur-style vocals of head honcho Michael Paynter. Intense and powerful yet controlled, he manages to really connect with the listener, transporting them onto a poignant journey into the group’s lyrical consciousness. 

A consciousness that – through ‘Shameless’ – will transport you into the realms of human behaviours and fragilities, a fitting storytelling for the already nuanced arrangement. Stay tuned and follow Satellite Train later this year, as they proceed to unveil more and more gems from both ‘Spacewalk’ and ‘The Melbourne Sessions’. There’s so much to discover: we’ll be here! 

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