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Elinor Sitrish Searches For Love in ‘Just Like The Waves’

When listening to Elinor Sitrish, one can fully connect with the magnitude of her artistry: in fact, there’s a strong, kind and poignant energy transpiring from her vocals, wrapping the listener into celebrative and anthemic vibes. Take for instance Sitrish’s latest effort, ‘Just Like The Waves’. An epic, cinematic gem, the track is the perfect example of how Elinor manages to write solemn and intense pieces, exploring human nature and deep consciousness while remaining on a relatable level. The record is taken from the Israeli-American talent’s upcoming EP, a collaborative effort with producer Adam Chavez. 

Upon deeper exploration, ‘Just Like The Waves’ moves with true ballad-like flair, channelling tame guitars, wide strings and ethereal textures into a dreamy and bucolic arrangement, the perfect framework for her evocative and luscious vocals, so nuanced and refined. From the single, we can also catch a glimpse of what the project stands for: eclectic, unfiltered artistic expression, perhaps also stemming from Sitrish multicultural roots and experiences. 

Lyrically, the track seeks to elaborate on the infallibility of love: despite being a painful affair for many of us, we always find ourselves returning to it, as if it was a primal instinct, a deeply needed emotion. As Sitrish explains: “It seems like no matter how many times we try and fail, how many times we love and break, and how many storms we face, we eventually pull ourselves back together, and with a scarred heart, we keep on searching for that love, because at the end of the day, love is fundamental to our existence, and we all wish to arrive to our safe shore, just like the waves…”

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