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Lolita Terrorist Sounds Gear Up for Upcoming Album

There’s so much glory in Lolita Terrorist Sounds’ artistic output. Despite their doom and gloom name, they are actually a positive force for all of us, pushing the boundaries of musical research and experimenting in the leftfield realm. Headed by queer sonic wizard Maurizio Vitale, the project champions a style that’s very personal, drenched in avant-garde, new wave and noise rock formulas, but ultimately more akin to an artistic performance than to a purely musical outlet. 

You can see that very clearly in the project’s latest effort, a live video rendition of ‘St. Lola’. In it, the listener will likely get hypnotised by the solemn and dark nature of the song, built on repetitive percussions and a fuzzy bass; the perfect background for Vitale’s charming and evocative spoken words, dancing on the music with intensity and drive. Holed up in his Berlin studio, the creative talent crafts a performance that perfectly fits the alternative nature of the German city. 

What’s more, the video anticipates the release of Lolita Terrorist Sounds’ upcoming debut album, ‘St. Lola’, expected later this year. 

Recommended! Discover the stunning live performance of ‘St. Lola’ on Youtube:


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