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Annie Anna Returns with Upbeat Number ‘Transamerican’

The keen reader might remember Tucson-based songstress Annie Anna from ‘Drowning’, a glorious record we featured earlier this year. Writing about it, we proudly declared: “It felt anthemic, almost ethereal, certainly magical.” We stand by our words – Anna possesses the rare ability to instantly catch one’s attention with the sheer power of her evocative vocals. 

‘Transamerican’ is Annie’s latest effort, a fast-paced, charming gem that focuses on a more upbeat and empowering formula, really showcasing the fiercer side of the talented songwriter. It’s great to see her growing and developing further, and it really makes us proud to be able to connect with such an interesting project. While genre references might change, Anna’s artistry seems to be maintaining the same lyrical gravitas.

Sonically, the track navigates towards rock and Americana territories. On a bed of rebellious drums and classic acoustic guitars, tight electric riffing gets served with punchiness and attitude, providing the perfect accompaniment for Annie Anna’s enthralling vocals, once again so precise and controlled, while maintaining an intense and relatable character. 

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