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Santa Claws Gear Up for Upcoming Album with ‘Gimme a Minute’

Boasting a charming slow-burn character, ‘Gimme a Minute’ is both gloomy and playful, being successful at being shady, moody, yet elegant and electrifying. Weaving in and out of dry, intimate sections and more uplifting, powerful moments, the record showcases Santa Claws’ quirky musical stylings. They might be a rock band, but their approach to composition is free from guitar-powered tunnel vision. 

‘Gimme a Minute’ is the perfect evidence of that. While their instrumental prowess is impressive, the way the band is able to toy with their songwriting and melodies is very satisfying, catching the listeners’ attention and never letting it go. Taken from Santa Claws’ upcoming album ‘…So live and let lie’, the single is a strong business card for the French outfit, driving a DIY career that seems to be hitting all the right notes. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, the group explain: “It’s the story of a rather whimsical girl called Sally. A young woman in love with life, very eccentric, on whom time never has a grip. She never lets anyone or anything dictate her life. She doesn’t care about schedules or agendas. She lives her life as she sees fit. Sally is a symbol of freedom”.

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