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VISSIA Unveils Impressive Documentary ‘Live, With Pleasure’

I have been following VISSIA for the past few years; certainly one of my favourite discoveries from Canadian lands, the young songstress champions an eclectic, friendly sound with a distinct multi-genre outlook. Writing about ‘Doorway’ in this very same publication, I proudly declared: “a cultural melting-pot that feels edgy and futuristic, while drenched in familiar references”. 

Celebrating a rather successful era – extending from 2021 to present-day – VISSIA now unveils an impressive body of work: a concert documentary featuring live versions of all tracks from ‘With Pleasure’, her latest album. Aptly titled ‘Live, With Pleasure’, the footage showcases an artist that’s not only creatively prolific but also technically proficient, boasting stunning live arrangements and evocative, precise vocals. 

Released via Hurry Hard Records, ‘Live, With Pleasure’ was filmed during a tour in support of Canadian alternative group USS, and features behind-the-scenes footage taking us close to VISSIA’s own fragility and authenticity. As she explains: “Creating this live album and film was a labour of love. It required a blend of madness and genius from my entire team, and the experience forged on the road is palpable in every note and frame of the film.”

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