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Olive Louise Shares Elegant Pop Gem ‘No Medicine’

Truly elegant and gentle, ‘No Medicine’ is the perfect showcase for Olive Louise’s nuanced artistry. Boasting a background in the classical world, the New York-based songstress is absolutely classy in her musical character. Navigating timeless alt-pop with a retro and playful flair, Louise crowns it all with her soothing, evocative vocals and meaningful lyricism – marking herself as a stunning stand-out in an industry that’s often too repetitive and flat. 

Embodying a certain crooning quality, ‘No Medicine’ would feel at home at a 60s-themed party, thanks to its polite grooves and light orchestral soundscapes. It all works well in relation to Olive’s vocal tone, weaving in and out of fragility and charisma, eventually hypnotizing the listeners into a musical lullaby, one that’s memorable and cathartic. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Olive Louise explains: “It is about there being no fix that can rid the world of pain or suffering. In a real way, it feels like people only care about what others are going through for a short time and then life moves on”.

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