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Sam Wrangle Shares Sleazy Gem ‘Just Living Really’

Wrangle’s new record is pretty good. For a guy moving to Melbourne to start a band, at least. In all seriousness, ‘Just Living Really’ is a rather authentic offering. Drawing from a plethora of influences, the track manages to sound quite unique, oscillating between Tame Impala-style psych stylings and more conventional indie-surf matter. Like if there was a dark and a bright side: ‘Just Living Really’ is a banger with two faces. 

Sam’s sleazy and controlled vocals follow the same path, exploding in the wide choruses while hiding between heavy processing in the verses. Explaining how he’s “recapturing the sound of my favourite records growing up”, the Australian newcomer looks at the past with curious eyes, stepping into tradition and contemporaneity almost at the same time. 

Speaking about the lyricism behind ‘Just Living Really’, Wrangle describes: “I wanted to juxtapose the consistency of my current lifestyle (single 32-year old male, high school teacher, own place, musical aspirations) with my experiences as a Year 10 student ‘falling in lust’ for the first time (having little consciousness of my own actions). This is the basis for the song; the congruence and abstraction of sensations felt as a teenager compared to being an adult.”

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