Halocity and Marina Bennet Team Up on ‘Let Me Go’

Introduced by an overly poignant piano, ‘Let Me Go’ declares its mission from the start: an emotional, tear-inducing gem, delving into fragile and introspective lyricism. Penned by songwriting talents Halocity and Marina Bennet, the record is a slice of heartfelt energy and relatable feelings, built on a very fitting slow-paced, ballad-like arrangement. Among a stunning piano, cinematic strings and light electronic textures, ‘Let Me Go’ delivers an unexpected nugget of comfort and reflection.

The pair’s vocals are the perfect match for such a meaningful song: evocative and intense, they are perfectly able to deliver lyrical content with charisma and meaning. Written in the midst of the pandemic, ‘Let Me Go’ cannot refrain from sharing a certain aura of empowerment, sending a message of hope and resilience to whoever might need it. 

Speaking about the track, Halocity and Bennet explain: “The song was meant to bring out an emotion that most of us are familiar with. Coming into a crossroads with something that is holding you back, or that you need to let go. It’s a message that you can rise above the world that’s crumbling beneath you, and soar when you simply, let it go.”

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