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Sam Stokes Gears Up for Upcoming Album with ‘The Sun & The Moon’

Gearing up for an upcoming debut album, Sam Stokes showcases all her breaking force in ‘The Sun & The Moon’, a fierce, theatrical and engaging acoustic gem. Part of Stokes’ solo effort, the track is as majestic as it goes, with the American talent lending her spoken word-style vocals to a charming arrangement made up of acoustic guitars, short soundscapes and witty harmonies. You see, it takes guts to command the listeners’ attention, building such a compelling musical piece that instantly draws them in. 

That’s exactly what Sam Stokes does, and she seems to do so with easiness, too. ‘The Sun & The Moon’ becomes pure storytelling, a crystallized moment of human behaviour inflated into a universal song. It’s haunting at times, majestic at others, and always anthemic. 

Describing the slice of life she reversed on a page, Stoke explains: “Have you ever met someone and forgot the moment you became friends or lovers or both? You meet and realize you’ve been friends for years, if not lifetimes already. You might not know much in this world, but your love for one another is as constant as the sun and the moon”.

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