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Saer Gives ‘Walking On The Moon’ a Cinematic Dress

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to stir one’s creativity. Every interaction, every news, every story, anything can be the trigger for a personal journey of authentic and honest artistic creation – something that Saer knows well. Hailing from Birmingham, UK, the talented composer and singer found his inspiration in a piece of rather futuristic news, the announcement of a new moon mission by NASA. Could he soundtrack that moment? What would the astronauts listen to, while on their way to the moon? 

Naturally, Saer picked a favourite of ours, British legends The Police, delivering a cover version of ‘Walking On The Moon’. Leaving ska-rock influences behind, the sonic wizard packages the track into a cinematic bundle of joy, removing Copeland’s fast-paced drumming in favour of long soundscapes and harmonized vocals. Do you know the irony of it? This is something Sting could have actually released later in his career. 

Describing the inspiration behind the track, Saer explains: “The announcement of Artemis 2 – a new mission to the moon stoked my interest and I’d been playing around with the track from chords that’d stuck. The track blends traditional instrumentation and synths to create a sonic landscape hopefully suited to setting the scene for a new exploration.”

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