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Grace & Moji Debut with Stunning Wholesome Gem ‘Our Love’

This is an extraordinary story. Perhaps, one day, it could be adapted into a movie, or a musical. For now, though, we’ll stick to sharing it with you. Based in L.A., accomplished Swedish music producer Martin Ware and artist and creative Grace Hong met each other three months before the pandemic was declared. 

Marrying on the first day of lockdown, they were able to experience those difficult times by getting to know each other on a deeper level. It worked, with the pair forming not only a life-long bond but also a fertile artistic partnership. Grace & Moji is their musical moniker, the outlet through which they unveil ‘Our Love’, the pair’s debut effort. 

Such a wholesome, poignant and soulful offering, ‘Our Love’ rejoices in cinematic references, building a compelling sonic universe made up of angelic vocal harmonies and organic instrumentation. Such a powerful musical journey. Wow. Describing the inspiration behind the track, Ware explains: “This project is, by far, the most personal and honest one I’ve ever worked on. It’s allowed me to widen my perspective on the creative process and what it means to fully be yourself while letting the world watch.”

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