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Saint Pacific Shares Passionate Gem ‘Blue’

‘Blue’ is as honest and fragile as it could be. The latest effort by American storyteller Saint Pacific, the record sees his evocative and soothing vocals lined up against a backdrop of polite and saturated drums, light guitar work and an overall sense of poignancy. Mellow piano chords join what’s an already compelling formula, allowing the single to flourish with enlightened energy and moving sentiment. 

Boasting a long career, Saint Pacific is also known by his real name, Nate Smith. An expert songwriter in all corners of the industry, he’s got the ability to build melodies that feel truly emotional, while maintaining a catchiness and a strong, memorable imprint. ‘Blue’ is the perfect example of that, especially in the ending, when the line ‘stay with me tonight, I’m blue’ is repeated with passion and an evocative attitude. 

The track is part of a larger album of the same name, which we recommend diving into. You won’t regret it! 

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