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Sam and the Sea Share Intimate and Cathartic EP ‘Evil Ghosts’

Upon discovering Sam and the Sea, we were instantly drawn to them. Perhaps because of the intimacy of their artistic output, kidnapping the listener into fragile yet meaningful territories. Or, because of the lightness of their vocals, never overpowering the music, yet always present, caressing our ears with kindness and soothing energy. What’s certain, is that – whichever way you approach it – New York resident Sam and the Sea is an artist worth your time. 

‘Evil Ghosts’ is the talented American’s latest effort: building over dreamy, ethereal and slightly shoegaze material – not forgetting the short but meaningful folk incursions – the EP is able to shine its own light, pursuing an authentic, unique path towards its creative climax. From the acoustic magic of opener ‘Evil Ghosts’ to the Thom Yorke-influenced ‘Canada’, the record has something for everyone. If you prefer more artificial tones, ‘Horses’ deliver the moodiest and freshest electronica, as ‘…In Waves’ also does, albeit with a new wave punch. 

Lyrically, the record is raw and intimate, exploring personal experience on a relatable level. At times nostalgic, often empowering and cathartic: ‘Evil Ghosts’ is waiting for you, don’t let it down. 

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