Chloe Tang Releases Empowering Anthem ‘Hoes Have Feelings Too’

As a fast-rising popstar, Chloe Tang is  – at this point –  out of the “showcase yourself” phase. She proved time and time again her songwriting and vocal qualities, releasing a plethora of cutting-edge pop pieces tinged with fierce and rebellious lyricism. We know for a fact, she’s a super talented creative, deserving of a top-level spot in the industry. With millions of streams in her current catalogue, Tang is now a confirmed reality. 

Her first release of the year, ‘Hoes Have Feelings Too’ is Tang’s latest effort, a charming and luscious mainstream pop number. Clocking in at a mere two minutes, the record is a short but very sweet reward for every hard-working music lover. Boasting a certain amount of dramatic pathos and cinematic energy, the song’s chorus is an absolute banger, instantly sticking into our minds – and leaving us wanting more. 

Lyrically, the song seeks to break down stigmas and empower every woman’s inner strength. Her message is clear: love me, but leave me alone. That said, Chloe Tang is more than just an artist – she is an advocate for the Asian-American community, nodding to her Chinese roots in her work. She is determined to keep churning out great music and to headline shows in and out of Los Angeles. Her creative potential is limitless, and we’ll be here supporting. 

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