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Esthy Unveils Emotional Jewel ‘how dare you come back’

We have quickly grown accustomed to expecting fantastic music from upcoming talent Esthy. Having enjoyed past efforts ‘play pretend’ and ‘don’t care anymore’, we were looking forward to hearing further material. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long: the L.A.-based talent has recently unveiled her latest effort ‘how dare you come back’, a mellow yet emotional slice of pop goodness, built on simple but effective melodies, and un understated electronic production which serves the track perfectly.

Written and produced by Esthy herself (who’s a gifted mixer too), the track represents another glorious chapter in the catalogue of a rising star, a deserving member of the global music industry.

Lyrically, the track “is about an ex trying to get in contact“. A proud member of  L.A.’s neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ community, Esthy looks projected towards a stellar career. It’s also just really good music. We mean it. 

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