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Salt Ashes Returns with Magnetising Offering ‘Heart Attack’

You’d be silly not to know Salt Ashes, by now. The London-based talent and creative powerforce has been steadily showcasing an unmatched ability to deliver contemporary pop gems, often drenched in alternative and unexpected productions. Boasting evocative and luscious vocals, Salt Ashes’ strong point lies not only in her convoluted lyricism but also in her music as a whole, always sounding fresh and innovative. 

Adding to an already impressive catalogue of past releases, the mesmerising singer and songwriter return with ‘Heart Attack’, her first single of the year. In it, the listener can expect synth-powered musical goodness, all blessed by Salt Ashes’ stunning topline, which in this instance appears to be way more commercial and unapologetically pop. it all works though, the record is an absolute earworm. Lyrically, the song explores the nuances of unreturned love. 

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