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Adam O’Rua Unveils Transformative Music Video for ‘Rainfall’

There’s a certain nostalgia in ‘Rainfall’, perhaps creeping in from the nuanced retro production, seemingly looking at the past with admiration and solemnity. We are certainly on board: the record is elegant, yet poignant and very relatable. Adam O’Rua’s vocals really work in the context, showcasing all of their evocative nature and dynamic range. Channelling the best mellow pop and luscious RnB from the late 90s, ‘Rainfall’ sets out to be an almost timeless classic, a track that looks so prominently at the past to gloriously resurge in the present. 

Now, the Irish talent shares a fitting music video, paying homage to his heritage and homeland in the process. In it, the keen listeners will familiarize themselves with the subtle concept that powers the track’s lyricism. Water and rain as the main energy that can ‘wash away’ one’s sins and pain, longing for new beginnings. 

Fiercely driving a multi-disciplinary artistic career, Adam O’Rua is certainly one of Ireland’s most interesting newcomers. His global approach to creation – flowing from a true need for personal expression – really draws us into the project, and we are confident it will do so for a larger audience too. 

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