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Saif Returns with Eclectic Hip-Hop Banger ‘Pablo’

You see, while Saif might appear to wander modern hip-hop territories, he’s also pursuing a very specific style, a particular sonic brand that is bound to make the project stand out in today’s overcrowded music landscape. Hailing from Sydney, he champions and pivots his South Asian Roots towards his artistry, infusing his music with eclectic stylings and a certain nostalgic and melancholic energy. 

It all plays an important role in making ‘Pablo’ – the project’s latest single – one of the most original rap offerings we have heard this year. Introduced by a vaguely Asian-flavoured guitar-like loop, the track proceeds with Jazz samples, such as a charming tenor saxophone, and drill-style hectic beats. Such diverse instrumentation greatly enriches the record, making Saif’s charming and tight vocals resonate particularly strongly with the listeners. 

Championed by a plethora of Australian music outlets and influential Spotify editorial playlists, it’s clear that Saif is here to stay and to make a dent in the industry – we’ll be here supporting. 

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