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Mermaid Avenue Share Latest Single ‘Bones’

There’s a fair bit to unpack in Mermaid Avenue’s latest single. You see, the Australian outfit has recently shared another Country-powered jewel, filled with eclecticism and poignancy, but also energy and saturation. Introduced by an organ drone, ‘Bones’ soon moves into full band shenanigans, showcasing the Aussie group’s wholesome ensemble. Fuzzy and slide guitars, enchanting vocal harmonies and tons of vintage keys: everything plays a role in making ‘Bones’ a rather vintage offering, although treated to today’s recording quality. 

Closing the deal, we find Mermaid Avenue’s wholesome and relatable vocals, driving intense storytelling about mending a broken relationship. What more could you want? The rock ensemble has showcased high productivity in the past couple of years, with ‘Bones’ being their 16th song to be released in such a short period of time. This a clear sign that Mermaid Avenue are working with true and clean inspiration. 

Speaking about the lyricism behind the record, vocalist Peter Clarke explains: “Bones is a song that emerged from a personal place of introspection and hope. We all experience moments of disconnect and discord in our relationships, and this song is an earnest reflection of the journey one takes to repair and rekindle the bond with someone they deeply care about.”

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