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mike by name Shares Latest Hypnotising Gem ‘Every Soul Is a Good Soul’

When approaching ‘Every Soul Is a Good Soul’, the listening experience is bound to feel quirky, leftfield and rather playful. The track is almost hypnotising, built on a wholesome and electronic-filled loop featuring a drum machine and a few synthesisers. A repetitive feature, this sonic background provides the perfect companion to mike by name’s nuanced and high-pitched vocals, here delivered with a rather intimate and understated tone. 

It all feels like a stream of consciousness, with the New York resident pursuing free-form storytelling with charm and authority. Further on, ‘Every Soul Is a Good Soul’ slowly raises the intensity, adding vocal harmonies and short bursts of guitar prowess. Honestly, this is one of the most interesting records we have heard lately. It doesn’t overwhelm the listener, instead, it tries to stay as minimal as possible, letting mike by name develops his lyricism. 

Part of the project’s upcoming sci-fi rock opera album, ‘The Vibe Operator’, ‘Every Soul Is a Good Soul’ focuses on a global message of kindness and acceptance. As the American talent explains: “beyond our differences, we have so much common ground to heal ourselves and our planet.”

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