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Said Sara Delivers Haunting and Powerful New Tune ‘Then There You Are’

Said Sara is the solo dark-folk musical project of San Francisco-based singer/songwriter David Benson, a musician who’s also, believe it or not, the drummer for death metal outfit Acephalix. We previously fell in love with his soothing, mellow single ‘Same’, and now the artist returns with another knockout tune in the form of ‘Then There You Are’.

Described by Benson as “emphatic but affectionate,” his latest release is a rich and contemplative offering paying tribute to loved ones who have passed away but remain with us in spirit. It’s a haunting, acoustic-led piece of music that somehow manages to be both gentle and powerful at the same time, holding the listener’s interest for the entirety of the track.

Bringing to mind the musical genius of artists like Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins) and Ed Kowalczyk (Live), Said Sara delivers earnest and profoundly honest work. He also plays by his own rules sonically and refuses to be placed in a genre box – something that we truly respect around these parts.

‘Then There You Are’ is a simply astounding song, and one that lives within me even when the last note has faded away, demonstrating the lasting impact of Said Sara’s sound. Just superb!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Then There You Are’ on Spotify now:


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