S J Denney Announces the Release of His New Introspective EP ‘The Moods That Follow’

Essex-based singer-songwriter S J Denney’s new EP features a collection of alternative, soft rock songs that pierce through you while listening to the detailed instrumentation and zoning into his raw vocals and contemplative, poetical lyrics.

Denney’s passion for music began at a young age after he came across vinyl copies of The Beatles’ White Album and Neil Young’s Harvest. After joining a choir and later studying clarinet, Denney decided to go down a more independent route and began writing original music. Denney’s influences and classical background can be perceived in his EP, as he integrates instruments such as piano, string, saxophone, woodwind and a 72-piece choir with a grungy grit and folksy tone.

The EP tells the story of a dreamer – the story of a person who seems happy on the outside but is actually hiding his pain within, and the story of someone who is always searching for the next opportunity. It also touches on spirituality and immortality. It’s unclear whether all these perspectives belong to the same person, however ‘The Moods That Follow’ feels as though it’s probing into Denney’s inner thoughts, as he sings each song like he’s sharing a personal story.

Check out S J Denney’s new EP ‘The Moods That Follow’ on Spotify now:


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