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Alternative Duo The Margaret Hooligans Return With Eclectic Album ‘Turntable Tribulations’

Following their last release BoomBox, The Margaret Hooligans duo are back with a brand-new album Turntable Tribulations. Combining their influences from garage rock, funk and soul, they create their unique sound using mainly an electric ukulele, vocals, and drums.

As can be expected, ‘Turntable Tribulations’ is an unusual and intriguing album, instrumentally and conceptually, featuring a rebellious and chaotic sloppiness that seems to be the duo’s signature style. Most of the lyrics challenge society through story-like songs. The album starts off with a track reflecting on society in the virtual world of social media, followed by a song about a Silicon Valley billionaire who microdoses LSD and a musical take on the story of Little Red Riding Hood as a representation of the recent global threats.

The album continues with a few more tracks portraying interesting concepts presented through intriguing storylines, finishing up with an 11-minute mini rock Opera that, according to The Margaret Hooligans, depicts the life of “a despotic man child, unloved by his rich, busy family, shuttled off to boarding school where he learns to wheel and deal to rise to the upper political echelons”.

I can’t even imagine the duo’s writing process and how they come up with such unusual concepts, but it’s safe to say that The Margaret Hooligans are anything but conventional. These two have an ironic and sarcastic persona that comes across in their music, lyrics, cover art and socials, triggering curiosity and adding an array of mysteries. If you’re looking for a fresh and experimental take on rock music, lyrism and instrumentation, this is it.

Check out ‘Turntable Tribulations’ by The Margaret Hooligans on Spotify now:


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